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"Down n dirty and rough as a badger's arse. Distorted guitars playing massive grimy riffs with a rock solid barrage of groovy rhythms. "

Smudge - Power Play Magazine 

Since releasing their first album in 2016, Children of Atom have been spreading their signature blend of psychedelic space rock and funky groove metal across the wasteland like a nuclear powered sex machine. Formed by Michael Fenris in 2013, and starting as a sci-fi themed thrash metal trio, their sound quickly evolved, morphing into a groovier quartet taking venturing deep into smoked-out psychedelia and funk without sacrificing their heavy metal roots. After a long recording hiatus, Children of Atom is back with a new EP and more on the horizon.

Children of Atom is:


Michael Fenris - Vox, Guitar


Josh McClure - Drums


Myles Weaver - Bass, Vox, Gtr

Shane Birdsill - Keys

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